About Us

RK Tech Ltd. is a Hungarian trading and consulting company.
It was established in the year of 1998.
100% privately owned organization.
The company covers all of the Hungarian markets.

Two main fields:

  • Chemical part - In Hungary
  • Physical part - Hungary and surrounding countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria).

Our company profile for chemical part is complex: analytical instruments, systems, auto-analyzers, equipment, spare parts, standards, reference materials and other accessories.
We design, build, install complete laboratories and organize method application or method development as well.
Our company profile for physical part is fully complete: Selling of industrial research lasers, Solar simulators, other light sources, Laseroptical devices, Optical tables, breadboard and isolators, Optomechanical components, Motorized and manual motion controls, Spectrophotometers and monochromators, Optical detectors, power and energy meters, Mini, portable spectrometers, Ultrafast spectrophotometers, Atomic Force Microscope, Optical tweezers…
Our partners products spectra is exhibited on important Hungarian trade fairs, scientific congresses and industrial meetings.