Astell Scientific Ltd.

Made in the UK Since 1884
Over 130 years experience goes into every unit we manufacture

Uniquely, Astell can trace its heritage back over 130 years to the early pioneering days of steam sterilization. Throughout this time our autoclaves have been manufactured in the UK using high quality components, to exceed current industry standards.

Custom Solutions
Custom and standard solutions to meet your specification

Tjere at Astell they take pride in producing a comprehensive range of autoclaves and sterilizers. Together with a selection of options, they are confident they can supply the right equipment for your needs. However, there are often many considerations and sometimes what's shown in their product guide isn't suitable. As and where necessary, Astell can take the best elements and features to create a custom sterilization unit that fits your installation space, budget or process needs.

Service and Maintenance
Quality maintenance and rapid after-sales support

Astell offer service support using experienced specialist engineers, OEM parts and with fast response times. Should you experience a technical problem, contact RK Tech - it will be our priority to help rectify it. However be reassured, it's not uncommon to find Astell autoclaves more than 15 years old which are still working perfectly!

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